Your Ambitions Require Persuading Others

Every business leader and senior politician has ambitions. Every obstacle they overcome involves persuasion. And persuasion is what we do. Whether it is profile-building ahead of an election, thought leadership to build reputation, or battling with regulators, we open doors and change minds.

Our recent clients include Presidents and Prime Ministers. We serve some of the world's biggest and fastest growing companies.  We help navigate regulatory and political agendas. We work at the highest levels of tier-one international media. We move at high speed and our clients value our ability to get them access to decision-makers and coach them on difficult media encounters.


Under the forensic gaze of news and social media, senior figures can find their reputations being savaged. Having worked on the inside of media and politics, we can quickly stabilise crises and reduce the risk of future difficulties.


What We Do



We start by understanding your business model and how it could be impacted by regulatory and political change. We then work out who the effective decision-makers are (they may not be politicians) and who is influencing them. We work out their values and intentions. Then the work of persuasion begins. We inform and educate, build support and bring allies onside. We use campaigning techniques to cajole and pressurise. Throughout, we build relations with key journalists, politicians and influencers. Timing is critical -- much better to get involved early in a regulatory process when ideas can be shaped than late when minds have become fixed and opposing coalitions built..

Reputation Management for Individuals

None of us is perfect. And under the forensic gaze of the 24 hour media, senior figures in business and politics can find their reputations being savaged. Sins of their youth can come back to haunt them. Unfair and twisted allegations can take root. Having worked for years on the inside of media and politics, we can help turn around a damaged reputation and reduce the risk of future difficulties. Our services include media training, message management and proactive engagement with the media. We are on-hand 24/7 for clients facing media pressure that requires an instant response. We know what journalists are frightened of. We know what they need. And by playing on those insights we help our clients get the coverage they seek..


What the world thinks about a politician can have a huge bearing on their effectiveness in office, not to mention what they do when they leave public service. We help politicians and candidates to project their vision and increase the impact of their actions via international media and political engagement. And no politician remains in office forever. So we help them to promote their credentials so that later transitions into civilian or business life are successful. We extend our clients' reach and build international recognition for their achievements. 


All businesses need to understand the climate of opinion in which they operate. We explain regulatory and political agendas and devise programmes for influencing them. 



Jonathan Horsman

Jonathan Horsman set up Centaurus Communications after six years at Project Associates in London where he ran the International Division. In the last few years, he has advised former Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine and Prime Ministers of Thailand and Hungary on their international media and political communications. Jonathan was previously Head of Public Affairs for a FTSE 100 financial services company and worked as an adviser to a UK Treasury minister in the 1990s.

Adrian Pepper

Adrian Pepper is a campaign strategist and pollster who advises leading businesses, politicians and news organisations across the world. He has seen British and EU politics from every angle, including as a Ministerial Special Adviser in Whitehall and to a Party Group Leader in the European Parliament. Adrian specialises in running multi-pronged communications campaigns for companies targeted at media, investors, consumers, NGOs, regulators and politicians.


Ian Gregory started his career in politics with a PPE degree at Oxford University and stints working as an assistant to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US Congressman Tom Lantos. He wrote for The Financial Times before moving to the BBC where he produced Hardtalk and coverage from Davos and G8 summits. Ian’s clients include Accenture, Deloitte and KPMG. He has also helped a senior Russian businessman prepare for a meeting with President Obama.

Chris Pond

Chris Pond joined Centaurus as an adviser in 2017. He was an MP from 1997 to 2005 and a Government Minister with experience in HM Treasury, the Department of Work and Pensions, HMRC, Cabinet Office and Department of Health. He is Chairman of the Lending Standards Board and The Money Charity, Vice Chairman of the Financial Inclusion Commission and a member of HM Treasury’s Fintech Delivery Panel. He is an ex director of the Financial Services Authority and CEO of two national charities.


Jordan Greenaway provides strategic communications advice to high-profile individuals, helping them highlight projects that deserve a wider hearing while also protecting their business interests and personal life from an intrusive media. He was previously a speechwriter and advisor to a former Shadow Minister of Science and Technology, and has worked with the CEOs of numerous multinational organisations; hedge fund managers; philanthropists; and independent investors. He is also a Director at Transmission, which provides PR support to several leading UK-based technology entrepreneurs.

Dr Brian Brivati

Dr Brian Brivati advises organisations across the FSU and MENA regions on strategic communications, leadership development and donor mapping. He is an adviser to Integrity Research and a director of D Academy which works with companies to build human capacity in conflict-affected, transition states. Previously, he delivered multi-country fellowship programmes for the John Smith Trust and was Professor of Contemporary History and Human Rights at Kingston University.

Emil Pevtsov

Emil Pevtsov joined Centaurus Communications in 2014 while completing a BA in History and Mandarin at the University of Durham. Emil works on both political lobbying and public relations briefs for Centaurus’ clients. Prior to joining Centaurus, Emil worked at Exotix Capital, now Tellimer Group, a frontier markets financial services firm. Previously, Emil has also contributed to projects in Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Freddie MacSwiney

Freddie is a strategic communications adviser with specialist experience working directly with politicians, governments, UHNWIs, families and private clients. He was Private Secretary to a high-profile family well-known publicly for their philanthrophy, business interests and diplomatic work. His role ranged from scheduling their day to day lives, to public relations, policy development, as well as administrative duties. He was educated at Cheltenham College and Oxford Brookes University where he read History of Art.






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